The technical apparel fabrics for cycling MS Tina are the result of severe test performed in laboratory, with specific and deepened analysis. Moreover the fabrics are tested on
the roads, by our athletes, who continuosly give us feedback on efficiency, efficacy and quality of our product. Everything proudly made in Italy, in respect of the Italian manufacturing tradition.

3d mesh

A bi-elastic mesh with a unique 3D structure that makes the fabric highly breathable and comfortable. Its structure reduces the points of contact with the skin, encouraging the natural transfer of sweat to the outside. In addition, its characteristic elasticity makes it highly suitable for making bib shorts.


Dryarn® is an highly performing fiber, it is an innovative yarn providing comfort, technology and practical use to those who wear it. Light, insulating, breathable, Dryarn® is the best ally for athletes sport performances. Wear it to feel the difference on your skin.

Elastic shell

3-layers bi-elastic fabric, waterproof, windproof, insulating and breathable. Outer layer is in elasticized polyester, with water repellent treatment preventing outside material from getting wet, cold and dirty with mud and water splashes. In intermediate layer, we find ultimate generation 8 micron polyurethane membrane that, thanks to its special structure, expels sweat 3 time faster than old generation membranes. At the end, inner layer is composed by textured pile with hydrophilic treatment, to faster transfer liquids towards intermediate layer.

Elastic shell superlight

Windproof and breathable bi-elastic fabric. Outer layer is made up of 8-micron polyurethane bi-elastic membrane, joined inside with an ultra light and elasticized jersey texture, to increase fit and comfort in contact with the skin.


A light and soft fabric for jerseys, with a yarn fineness of 44, which makes it silky and provides excellent coverage. In addition, the elastomer in the fabric makes the garment extremely comfortable and gives it a perfect fit. Thanks to its special weft, it naturally transfers sweat to the outside.


A very soft and elastic polyurethane membrane that provides protection from the wind and rain, enabling sweat to transfer to the outside.

Lycra 2

Lycra is the best fabric par excellence for producing cycling shorts. It comprises an elastic fibre that makes it extremely comfortable while providing full freedom of movement. Sport Lycra, unlike standard Lycra, has greater recovery and provides muscular compression that reduces the formation of lactic acid, ensuring high performance.

Lycra tri

Sport Lycra fabric designed for the triathlon, superlight, covering, fast dries and thanks to the tri-action specific treatment, it doesn’t absorb water and doesn’t add weight,and also the water friction is minimized, considerably increasing performances.


Highly breathable and comfortable 100% polyester fabric for summer jerseys. Its yarn fineness of 50 makes it one of the finest polyester fabrics. When this fabric is given hydrophilic treatment, it becomes one of the best fabrics for high temperatures and humid climates.


R-Pro is the exclusive fabric that provides protection against wind, rain and intermediate temperatures. Thanks to the internal ultra-thin membrane, it protects against the bad weather and at the same time provides a very high breathability and comfort level. Moreover, the fabric great elasticity allows to create garments with tight fit and high technical qualities.


Spider, the innovative bi-elastic polyester micro-mesh, features great stretch and breathability while ensuring maximum comfort and perfect fit. Its special structure allows sweat to evaporate naturally: athletes’ skin always stays fresh and dry throughout sports activities, preventing unpleasant irritation. This new techno-fabric is used to make ergonomic and aerodynamic garments that are ideal for all sports activities.

super roubaix

Super Roubaix Endurance è il nuovo tessuto indemagliabile, bi elastico e garzato per pantaloni invernali top di gamma. Grazie alla sua particolare struttura protegge dalle temperature rigide, permette al sudore di evacuare molto velocemente e grazie al filato endurance aumenta il contenimento muscolare ed è piu’ resistente alle abrasioni.

Ultremo aero

Tessuto indemagliabile bi elastico con filato lycra e trama a mesh 3D. Garantisce una maggiore traspirazione associata alla migliore aerodinamicità. Grazie alla sua struttura bi elastica inoltre, permette di vestire in modo anatomico le zone di maggior movimento.

Ultremo superlight

Tessuto 100% poliestere superleggero con struttura a mesh. Grazie al suo peso ridotto assicura un’evacuazione istantanea del sudore. Viene impiegato per creare inserti areati nei punti di maggior sudorazione.

Wind shell new

3-layers insulating, windproof and breathable fabric. Outer layer in 100% polyester; a polyurethane windproof membrane is applied in intermediate layer, whereas inner layer is insulated by a 150gr. micropile guaranteeing an excellent thermal insulation.